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wikiHow to Meme - the Hilarious Family Party Game
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You’ve laughed at wikiHow memes. Now, you get to make them yourself, with a game developed by the real wikiHow team. 

We've compiled the funniest images and titles on our site. You don't want to miss what we've found. You'll laugh harder than you thought you could — and want to play again and again!

Get yours while supplies last! 

    • 700 total cards and full-color instructions, printed on premium gloss cardstock.
      • 200 large image cards showcasing wikiHow’s wackiest illustrations
      • 500 standard How-To title cards with real wikiHow article titles
    Each round, players play a How-To Title card to match a wikiHow image card. A rotating judge will choose their favorite combination based on any criteria they want. They’ll award the image card to the player that submitted the winning combo. Collect the most image cards throughout the game to win!


    Deal seven "How-to" cards to each player

    The judge should also give themselves 7 cards. Everyone can look at their own cards, but keep them a secret from the other players for now.

    Turn an image card face up.

    The Image Card will show you a funny wikiHow image. Every player should start thinking about which card in their hand they want to pair with it.

    Pick a "How-To" card to match to the image card.

    Players can choose any card from their hand to play. Try to pick a card that matches the feeling, situation, or meaning of the image card.

    Shuffle the "How-To" cards and read them aloud.

    It’s time for the judge to judge! The judge grabs all the How-To Title Cards and shuffles them together without peeking. Then, they flip them over and read them all out loud.

    Pick a winner.

    The judge can choose a winner based on anything they want. It could be the silliest, the most fitting, or the most ridiculous card. If the judge chose your card, keep the image card for the rest of the game.