Dimetric view of the wikiHow to Meme game
Dimetric view of wikiHow to Meme game that reads "A game of weird situations and hilarious images," "Ages 13+," "30 Min," "3+ Players"
Open wikiHow to Meme game box with lid in focus and game contents in background
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Two people playing wikiHow to Meme game. In the woman&
Three people playing wikiHow to Meme game. Two people hold "how-to" title cards. One person is holding a card depicting a woman acting like a goose.

wikiHow to Meme - the Hilarious Family Party Game

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You’ve laughed at wikiHow memes. Now, you get to make them yourself, with a game developed by the real wikiHow team. 

We've compiled the funniest images and titles on our site. You don't want to miss what we've found. You'll laugh harder than you thought you could — and want to play again and again!

Get yours while supplies last! 

    • 700 total cards and full-color instructions, printed on premium gloss cardstock.
      • 200 large image cards showcasing wikiHow’s wackiest illustrations
      • 500 standard How-To title cards with real wikiHow article titles
    Each round, players play a How-To Title card to match a wikiHow image card. A rotating judge will choose their favorite combination based on any criteria they want. They’ll award the image card to the player that submitted the winning combo. Collect the most image cards throughout the game to win!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Joseph Healy

    Lots of fun, what a great idea


    This game was incredibly fun! Loved playing it with my family.

    Lana Evergreen
    Family Fun!

    Me and my 4 daughters and husband had a simply LOVELY!, time playing this. It is to be absolute family-favorite game of the year. Even my housemaid who constantly slaves away even played it with us, of course I let her. This game, as the kids would say, makes me "Laugh out Loud" and "Shake My Ham". I love Wikihow for this amazing creation! We already threw away all the other, disgusting board games, or bored-games as I call them. They simply dont compare to this game. Im pretty sure we will be playing this every night from now on. I will never put this game away more then 5 feet from me. I dont care if I shower, sleep, or eat with it, I NEED it in my life! Thanks Wikihow!

    Absolutely hilarious! Best party card game there it!

    This absolutely leads the pack of party games in this category! Laughs all around!

    Great party game!

    This game is a blast whenever I bring it out. Good laughs and more family appropriate than cards against humanity. Highly recommend to have this as part of your games arsenal!

    You might be asking...

    Is this real?

    This is 100% real. You thought you were the only ones who could have some fun? We listened to your TikToks and reddit posts, and we loved them. We can make fun of ourselves too.

    Who should buy this game?

    Your mom.
    Your dad. Your guardian. Your siblings. Your neighbor Randy. Your 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Green. Everyone. Should. Buy. It.